Milone M.Sc. Food Technologist

My name is Carmine Feliciano Milone and I am a Food Technologist, properly enrolled in the Lombardy and Liguria Professional Association, as well as in the National Association, of Food Technologists.

I have always been genuinely fond of food and nutrition since I was a child, my first word ironically being “egg”.

I can claim to be a versatile and eclectic experienced professionist in the food sector. I worked with mass and commercial catering enterprises, food industries, distribution companies and multi-service professional offices, carrying out various activities according to the business needs. My focus areas are quality assurance, research and development, and marketing.

I believe in high quality typical products which stand out for healthiness and taste. Each country of the world has them and these foods must be shared between populations in order to share the best flavours cultures can offer.

My role as a Food Technologist is to provide technical, scientific and legislative support to industries and business operators who believe in their potential and decide to step up their game. Together, we will be able to improve industry organization, procedures and products, contributing to entrepreneurial and personal success.